Location / Bandung - Indonesia Year / 2022 Program / Restaurant & Event Space Size / +1 Ha Siteplan (+1304.10 SQM) Client / Wheels Coffee Roaster Status / Completed Contractor / Pipih Priyatna MEP / Trisakti Mekar Mandiri Structure / H.E.R.S.U.B Landscape / Ruang Hijau Interior / Christopher Tan

Wheels Coffee Roaster 3.0, the third endeavor of the esteemed Coffee Roastery in Bandung, emerges as a beacon of culinary and coffee excellence. Expanding beyond its predecessors, this new chapter unfolds in the vibrant Ir. H. Juanda (Dago) street, a bustling hub of residences and businesses. Nestled in a sprawling 1-hectare green oasis, it is a testament to a vision—a wholesome dining experience rooted in the commitment to deliver unparalleled coffee quality. Occupying only 10% of the site, the building embraces nature, preserving the surrounding forest and shielding visitors from the bustling Dago Street. With horizontal restaurant massing and perpendicular kitchen structures, the ingenious layout creates intimate pockets within the site. These spaces, serving as transitions, transform seamlessly to host diverse functions and events, offering an open canvas for weddings or celebratory feasts. A paradox emerges in the design: a restaurant exuding subtlety, juxtaposed by a factory-like kitchen, narrating the manufactory of culinary excellence. With its floating length and tropical roof, the restaurant crafts a silhouette that harmonizes with the open garden, providing a low-profile haven with a captivating view framed by colossal proportions and rhythmic columns. The wrap-around foyer extends to a ramp, guiding to a private space for VIP bookings—an independent pavilion with its own amenities and micro-plaza for intimate events. In this culinary sanctuary, every detail narrates an experience, ensuring lasting memories for discerning visitors.