Location / Pontianak – Indonesia Year / 2016 Program / Academic Land size / +13,2 Ha (GFA +30.000 Sqm) Client / Universitas Tanjungpura Status / Competition Entry

Lying side by side with the equator in the city of Pontianak, Borneo Island (Kalimantan in Bahasa Indonesia) reflects high temperature, humidity and rainfall. While adequate open air space for academic activities is needed, the architecture of Tanjung Pura University in Pontianak has to deal with the macro climate context at the same time. The existing buildings of the rectorate have just slightly survived the climate issue by using vernacular architecture principle of shade. Therefore, designing the university masterplan as a whole needs extended approaches. The first responds to the climate issue. There are five new buildings, of which types are basic sciences laboratory, lecture buildings, library and multifunction hall. Their style is modern without alienating the rectorate. All of them extend their flat canopies and blur outdoor-indoor boundaries. The approach enlarges the shaded area and, thus, adequate outdoors spaces for academic activities are provided. Those spaces work properly both on sunny and rainy days. Its openness also reduces humidity levels. The second approach, which departs from the first one, deals with the landscape. The existing building pattern on the site is simplified into modular grids and replicated throughout the site. It functions as the guideline to draw the entire masterplan. That includes overlapping the extended canopies to connect one building to another, create a continuous circulation path, as well as outline the vegetation. In short, the approaches frame the master plan of Tanjung Pura University as a whole.