Location / Prague – Czech Rep. Year / 2018 Program / Educational Building Size / +6,000 SQM Client / CCEA MOBA Status / Proposal In Partnership with / Studio Most Hongkong - Julia Mok & Jonathan Stel

The New Trojska Skola represents a new paradigm of educational institutions. One that respects its tradition, while innovating itself for the Future. The proposal is to preserve and reorganize the original building by adding 2 new extensions. Organized cleverly to eliminate “just” circulation spaces and providing three new, beautiful and transparent Atria. This will form the new identity of the Trojska Skola, where learning and knowledge exchange happens. The overall programs are placed specifically between primary school and grammar school. It splits into 2 plots where a bigger plot is intended for most of the activities and a smaller plot for cafeteria and extra-class purposes such as a multifunction hall. Two new extensions will be added to the existing building to provide extra building area that facilitates the future expansions of the school, as well as an opportunity to create independent entrance space for the primary & grammar school. The extensions are strategically located in a way that bridges the one-way circulation of the existing plan into a connected loop. It will encourage the utilization of the corridor space for both students and staff. By adding a new extension and connection into the existing building, the proposal will create a smooth operation throughout the academic year during the construction.