Location / Tangerang - Indonesia Year / 2022 Program / Masterplan Size / +67.613 SQM Client / Summarecon Serpong Status / Visioning

Designed as part of the Phase II of Summarecon Serpong Grand Masterplan Development, Symphonia Urban Park is a planned development to transform a site spanning 500 meters in length into a shopping and recreation complex along the lake. By enabling a walkable shopping experience and making pockets of space for various activities, we aim to facilitate the dialogue between leisure and commerce areas and provide a unique shopping experience for the consumers. Eight key principles serve as guidelines during the initial development: permeability to green spaces, centralized parking, intimate pocket plazas as event spaces, pedestrian corridors as main connectivity, maximizing frontage exposure, and responding to the site context. Through a meticulous form-finding process, The Ripple emerges as an amalgam of all the best features from the other proposed options. The Ripple Modulation is the result of modification to the Site Boundary Data through parametric method to produce a guideline boundary in organic pattern. Reminiscent of water ripples, these curvy lines are then rationalized and translated into programs, corridors, access, and other technical details of the masterplan, creating a dynamic space fitting of a vibrant shopping and recreation complex that is Symphonia Urban Park.