Location / Karawang - Indonesia Year / 2022 Program / Office Size / +742,5 SQM Client / Summarecon Karawang Status / Completed

Marketing office is paradoxical by nature, making it a tricky task to navigate the thin line between the privacy of an office and overtness of a commercial space. Rather than disregarding said issue, this project plays into this point of contention, breathing new life into a pre-existing 3-storey shophouse structure and transforming it into a marketing office that charms customers through its elegantly functional design. Boundaries between the two functions are vertically imposed through layout and programming by dedicating each level to specific functions. To ensure a seamless flow and effortless wayfinding, open plan is maintained in conjunction with strategically placed physical barriers and visual cues serving to bar the public from no-entry private office spaces. The secondary skin enveloping the 1st and 2nd floor is another tool utilized to address the introversion and extroversion duality within the space. On the outside, it presents an identity that sets the building apart from the rest of the shophouse row. Whereas for the building occupants inside, it provides a filtered view of the outside to emulate a more focused ambience, thereby promoting a conducive working environment. Voids are punctured on the facade, not only to break the monotony, but also allow interconnectivity between the inside and outside via balconies, entrances, and windows. Emerald Karawang balances clashing requirements of opposite functions through clever design strategies, cultivating a favorable setting for workers while remaining hospitable towards customers.