Location / Bandung - Indonesia Year / 2022 Program / Warehouse & Office Size / ± 7386 SQM Client / PT. Sterin Laboratories Status / Schematic Design

PT. STERIN LABORATORIES is a domestic medical device manufacturer producing disinfectant liquids for hospitals. Situated in the industrial area of Cibaligo, Cimahi among other huge scale factories in the area, its new headquarters will encompass offices, laboratories, and public functions that will make up half of the total site area facing the main road. Divided into two zones, the building accommodates activities requiring efficiency, effectiveness, and security through its designated formal zones while the informal zone addresses public functions accessible to both staff and general public. Rooms inside the building are designed to be lax, blending the indoor-outdoor experience through the addition of inner courts and green rooftops and minimal wall intervention. A series of interconnected ramps and tribune acts as an open-ended bridge for the three building levels and makes up the main circulation of the building to provide a unique walking experience, whereas stairs and elevators are reserved for select functions that may necessitate efficient movement such as the office and laboratory. Never seen before pharmacy headquarters, Sterin Research Bloc envisions an unconventional yet comfortable office environment which perfectly blends work efficiency and open-for-public recreation.