Location / Surabaya – Indonesia Year / 2016 Program / Commercial Size / +5,000 SQM Client / Intiland Status / Completed MEP/ Anugrah Lintas Daya Structure/ Benjamin Gideon & Associate Landscape/ CV. Asri Lestari

The Spazio Commercial Space development lies in West Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia that is now growing rapidly and becoming an epicenter of Eastern Indonesia. Aiming to be a pioneer of new shopping experience in town, it combines Working space, youth activities and local products engagement. The project itself consists of 2 Levels of Commercial space and Office tower on top of it. A wide landscaped pedestrian avenue – massive opening – looking through to the main boulevard will connect and engage urban vibrant & the programs inside. In maintaining tropical climate, cross ventilation throughout the whole commercial area is designed to create a wind tunnel that allows prevailing winds and direct airflow to cool the whole area in a dry climate of Surabaya. The program is office and retail that are separated entirely. However, the main concept is to create an intersection between office and retail programs as a transition space. This space will be dedicated to specific programs like a co-office and/ or workshop area which is a flexible and informal working space rather than formal one. The market and retail design have been transformed since centuries. In the future, the shopping experience will be more collective, scattered and more open as designed in this new Spazio Commercial Space.