Location / Surabaya - Indonesia Year / 2017-2018 Program / Commercial Size / +5000 SQM Client / Intiland Status / Design Development

Spazio Main Building, located on the main boulevard of Middle West Ring Road, has been known as an iconic Lifestyle Centre of Surabaya. The building itself is divided into 2 parts: Office spaces and retails from the 2nd level up and the first two levels (Ground and first floor) dominated by the Food and Beverages area. The latter then becomes the main focus of the project. The main idea is to update the first two levels of Spazio Main Building so that it could connect its surroundings, especially the newly developed Spazio Tower. The new development would also align with the updated circulation plans along the strip of Intiland Development property from the Bundaran of Jalan Yono Soewoyo to Graha Family complex. The Bundaran (Roundabout) of Jalan Yono Soewoyo is the main landmark of the area on which Spazio Main Building is situated. It benefits Spazio Main Building as it sits in the strategic place of cognition and access, making it regarded as a high value property. Unlike its current condition that is covered with alfresco dining and kiosks, we intended that the new design has to give an inviting atmosphere from the ground up with landscapes and design features from the building itself.