Location / Surakarta - Indonesia Year / 2016 Program / Convention & Expo Center Size / +46,000 SQM Client / Pemkot Surakarta Status / Competition Entry

Alun-alun is a typical Javanese public space. Its existence attunes with Keraton complex (the residence of a king and royal family as well as the administrative and power centre), market, and mosque. As the hub of those prominent urban elements, Alun-alun welcomes all class and activities. That is what Solo Expo aims to be. A long rectangle is placed on the site and orientated to Keraton Surakarta. It is then bended following the outline of the site, and trimmed into two rectangles. Creating one big triangular open space in between that serves as the open space for the city people.While the small rectangular building functions as conventions, offices, and multi storey car park building, the widened one on the northwest side performs as the expo hall. Furthermore, climate is an important consideration in this project, meaning a continuous airflow without direct sunlight for human comfort. It is generated from the customized vertical columns and horizontal slabs. While the tip of roof slabs and vertical columns meet, the floor slabs from the first level upwards are pulled back towards inside the building. Creating a shaded long terrace on the ground floor, and reducing the direct light and heat in the inner spaces.