Location / Kuningan - Indonesia Year / 2023 Program / Commercial Size / 6.000 SQM Client / Puspita Cipta Group & IAI Jabar Status / Competition 1st Winner

Nestled among a dense canopy of tree sequence, this project pays homage to nature by humbly integrating itself into the surrounding wilderness. It concedes the role of being the main attraction to invite and give way for nature to dominate the simple structures of the built environment. Instead of striving to become a grand shopping destination in the middle of the woodland, Shopping Eco Forest aspires to embody a forest that happens to have a cluster of buildings. Interlinked footpaths and alleys are envisaged out of contextual grid strands, framing the main axis that is the Public Plaza with permeable circulation path which connects pedestrian access, the retail district within the site, and the forestry enclosing the area. Vehicle circulation is restricted to designated points of the shopping complex, allowing easy access to the area while also protecting the development as a car-free haven for pedestrians. The contrast between the Public Plaza, which becomes a colourful container for public gatherings, and the intimate ambience of walking corridors cultivates a lively shopping experience for visitors of Shopping Eco Forest.