Location / Surabaya- Indonesia Year / 2019 Program / Residential Size / +1532 SQM Client / PT. Bhakti Tamara Status / Design Development Structure/ H.E.R.S.U.B Landscape/ Ruang Hijau

Royal Residence Mini Cluster is located in the southwest of Surabaya, where new development is growing throughout the city across East to West. The site is strategically connected to other cities like Gresik & Sidoarjo. This point has easy access to several points of the city, from the airport or to the central. The most common footprint in row houses is a repetitive design, individual backyard/ front yard and less collective effort in the area. The new proposal of these mini town houses is to produce pocket space with shared-space, common facilities and selections of variety forms for individual spaces. Collective & Share are the key concepts in developing this project. Although it has similarity in terms of sizes and programs, the design was developed around a series of unique terraces, backyard and façades openings which will customize each unit as user preferences. The common space formed by the pocket plots between units, allowing for an unprecedented activity of the neighborhood. The static sharing program such as parking is placed on the side of the plots to let users explore and walk on their home while experiencing those little pockets and narrow-open alleys.