Location / Bandung – Indonesia Year / 2018 Program / Co-Office Size / +366 SQM (Tower Development +20,000 SQM) Client / Pikiran Rakyat Status / Proposal RND / RAD Research Bandung

The building of “Pikiran Rakyat'' on Jalan Asia Afrika 77 Bandung has been established since the Dutch government during colonial times. The initial design by C.P. Wolff Schoemaker was built in 1920 with Neoclassical architectural style. The plan is to revitalize the building as its original one, Autohandel Mascotte or Car repair shop with a new program of Café, Commercial and Coworking space, with an opportunity in extending to the whole site plan & tower proposal. The Proposal in the existing building has a bigger window, more openings on the side and offering a green space in the east side. More openings, bigger windows and doors are a strategy to attract more visitors, yet reducing artificial lighting during the day. The building’s original expression on the exterior was a dual purpose to preserve the colonial corridor in Jalan Asia Afrika, and to have a contrast face to a modern design on the inside. The Ground floor is concentrated around social spaces for more public uses; Café, Restaurant, gathering space, event etc. The continuity of social space is expanded on the east to a green space as a hidden garden. The box on 1st & 2nd floor is a coworking loft that is equipped with standard office space; meeting room, idea room, skype room, toilet & shower that can be used by sharing between its members. Spatially and Visually are connected between ground and upper floor as a concept said, to see and to be seen between everyone. In the future plan, This existing building will be the living room in welcoming all visitors to enter this complex, where it is extending the development to the whole site plan and with a multi-storey tower at the back accommodating various programs such as; multifunction hall, commercial area and Pikiran Rakyat Office itself.