Location / Semarang- Indonesia Year / 2021 Program / Transportation Size / ± 12,7 Ha Client / PT. KAI (Persero) & Lixil Status / Competition 1st Winner

A busy junction passed through by all north-bound trains, Tawang Semarang Station (SMT) is the biggest type A train station located at Tanjung Mas, North Semarang. For such a long-standing establishment, it has gone through several refurbishments in the past. One of its notable renovations resulted in the station’s initial +2 MASL height being lowered to ±0 MASL due to the seasonal flooding caused by high tide of Java Sea mixed with rainwater and wastewater originating from the city’s water channels. Train stations are required to have a circulation system that is clear and easy to understand. By injecting a plaza into the station, this proposal strives to redefine Tawang Station as a meeting point for urban connectivity. In addition to the continuous plaza, four train lines are raised above flood level and two additional polders are proposed to serve as water collectors in an anticipatory move to solve the tidal flooding issue. During dry seasons, these polders shall be utilized as basement parking and sunken plaza, further adding value to the station as an open space for community events. Through plaza expansion that allows for the station to function even through flood season while conserving the historical value of the old building, this proposal hopes to elevate Tawang Station into a resilient community space for both local community and travelers alike.