Location / Jakarta – Indonesia Year / 2018 Program / Transportation & Mix-Use Size / +15,000 SQM Client / IAI Jakarta & Pemprov DKI Status / Proposal Collaborator / DNV Studio Bandung

Jakarta, a capital city that has an issue with an individual environment is stereotyped with a very singular building in fences and close boundaries. Thus, the strategy for this project is to become a pilot building which focuses on developing strategies and ways to implement porous connectivity that can be applied to sites with similar issues throughout many other capital cities in developing countries. This development is using a different innovative strategies; 1. Progressive conversion of bold singular tower into multi-layering green surfaces facing to train station, 2. Development of flowing connectivity for public vehicular into the site, 3. Creation of a network of public spaces and 4. Pedestrian friendly mobility in elevated bridge directly connected to Train station. Those concepts are to accommodate the complexities of different programs configuration from transport typology to public market and private offices as a coherent vision. The main feature in this design is an extended balcony in every 2 floors as a breakout space and green concept for users in the building. The vertical circulation is placed at the back of the building using a continuous core, as an efficient way of structural system to gain bigger floor plate efficiency.