Location / Bandung - Indonesia Year / 2020 Program / Mixed use (Commercial, F&B, Banking and Recreational) Size / + 449,131 SQM Client / Summarecon Bandung Status / Visioning Collaborator / Anastasia Widyaningsih

This project is envisioned to be the new sub center of Bandung that sustains the city growth in the future. The current city center of Bandung has been burdened with population growth, vehicular traffic, and pollution of waterways with the numerous developments that take place over time. It was one of the previous mayor’s vision to develop the Gedebage area into an integrated township where government center, regional transit hub, creative center, and higher density development will be located and deconcentrate the city center of Bandung to the east. With its strategic location and connection with future major infrastructure networks, Summarecon Bandung will be benefiting from in multiple levels. Moreover, this new township development will not lose the ‘taste’ of Bandung with the reintroduction of five key characteristics that have shaped the city, namely its heritage, creativity, fashion, shopping and culinary destinations, as well as its nature. These characteristics are implemented in the identity-making and design development processes of the project to recreate a complete society that is truly Bandung.