Location / Ibu Kota Nusantara - Indonesia Year / 2023 Program / Government Office Size / 12518 Sqm (19.453 Sqm GFA) Client / Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation / LPS Status / Competition

In the spirit of the new capital of Indonesia’s development, we sought to design a building that could represent the LPS identity as the guarantor of the nation’s monetary asset by evoking a sense of security for its beholder. Further leaning into LPS’s role as an important behind the scenes actor in a fail-safe mechanism for the national economy, the proposal brings forth a modest form, humbly playing homage to the surrounding forestry. The massing is conceived as a playful interpretation of a simple box dropped on the site, resulting in a tilted shape contextual to the land's naturally sloping plot. This basic form is then hollowed out in the middle to create an inner courtyard for morning assembly while the building mass itself is divided into segments to signify the three phases of construction. Despite the tilted walls and ceilings, floor slabs are established parallel to the ground as normal, resulting in a terraced layout that makes for an unusual office typology with inter-level visual connectivity. Although the unique shape provides for an interesting viewing experience, the structural system of the building is much simpler than it seems: the main body is constructed with typical concrete columns, beams, and slabs, while the steel-framed facade is a separate entity encasing the main body. Micro gardens puncture the roof to serve as light wells and collect rainwater to repurpose, adding to the visual intrigue.