Location / Tangerang - Indonesia Year / 2023 Program / Commercial Size / 3200 Sqm (360 Sqm GFA) Client / Ciputra Status / Completed

In contrast to the surrounding dense concrete jungle, the site offers breathtaking views of a lake, making this sanctuary a prime location for recreational activities. Development of such a rare green piece of land should be done mindfully and with full awareness not to excessively disrupt and take away from its surrounding lush greeneries. Small, detached units were proposed as a solution to allow for minimal interruption to the natural landscape and encourage patrons to take a stroll around the area while getting from one point to another. These units were made to be typical for easier replication and constructed from steel to allow for dismantling if needed. The form itself was hatched from the idea of taking the surrounding sceneries into the buildings, resulting in a telescopic form wherein the walls gradually grow larger in dimension the closer it is to the lake, with the outermost lake-facing wall being full-blown glass surfaces. Exterior walls made of reflective panels camouflage the building, using mimicry to blend into its surroundings as though nature itself is the building's facade. The only tell-tale sign of human intervention left then is the pitched, overstack roof. With 30 and 40 sqm units scattered across three designated nodes in different configurations to create micro plazas connected by a winding path that encircles the lake, Lakeside Aeroworld cultivates a place of reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city.