Location / Jakarta - Indonesia Year / 2016 Program / Commercial & Residential Size / +13,000 SQM Client / MSCOAL Status / Design Development

The site of this project is located in the prestigious business district of Kuningan, Jakarta. To be précised, it lies in between two leading mixed-use skyscraper complexes in the city. The area is packed with expatriates, businessmen, and creative people. In regard to the context, this serviced apartment aims to be an urban oasis; to provide an exciting break from concrete jungle and cubicle maze. The apartment consists of heterogeneous mid-rise buildings. Creating a cluster rather than one single skyscraper. Those buildings include residential and commercial areas. For the residential, there are certain types of units of which dimensions are based on rectangular modules. Stacking them up irregularly delivers various floor plans and façade in each building. The repeated rectangular shape is enclosed with a combination of bright tone opaque and transparent materials. As a result, a harmonic discordant look appears in the area. Vertically, each building is tied up by one straight vertical line of circulation and utility core. While horizontally, all buildings are connected with borderless space in the ground floor. The ground floor is designed to accommodate pedestrian flow of Neighbor’s towers, which we called “Festival Walk”. Additionally, commercial lots for goods and F&B are provided together with the street furniture in order to enhance spatial experience.