Location / Yogyakarta - Indonesia Year / 2022 Program / Public Gallery Size / +22.762 SQM Client / IAI DIY Status / Competition Entry

Yogyakarta, a city deeply intertwined with arts and culture, stands as a testament to the resilient thread of tradition passed down through generations. In the heart of this vibrant city, a crucial forum emerges—a space for Yogyakarta to unfurl its aspirations and ideals, a bridge linking all facets of the community to the city's future. This arena is more than a sanctuary for creators; it is a catalyst for artistic growth, seamlessly blending with the collaborative elements surrounding it. As one ascends this metaphorical staircase of hope, each step unveils a panoramic vista—a visual testament to the special essence of Yogyakarta. Reflecting the city's philosophical axis, reminiscent of ancient temple architecture, the building becomes a modern echo of the terraced temples from the Hindu Buddhist era. Just as those structures guided the human journey towards the divine, this building invites visitors to ascend, offering a heightened spatial experience that broadens perspectives with each level. Designed as an extension to Malioboro, Jogja Planning Gallery unfolds as a public space accessible to all. Its terraced design transforms into a dynamic stage, providing spectators with a 360-degree spectacle of Yogyakarta—from the bustling Malioboro to the pinnacle of its charm. In every corner, the city's rich heritage and contemporary spirit converge, creating a vivid tableau that encapsulates the essence of Yogyakarta's cultural journey.