Location / Jakarta – Indonesia Year / 2017 Program / Commercial Size / +1350 SQM Client / Ciputra Status / Design Development In Partnership with / HMP Architects Jakarta

Situated at Semanan, Jakarta - the 4000 sqm Citra Semanan is a part of the latest Ciputra’s housing development. The project has a multipurpose function including Clubhouse, Marketing Gallery and Retail Area next to the existing Marketing Office. The Site is located within the housing clusters, which has a potential aspect of becoming a green point for the area as well as a community place for the residents. On optimizing that potential it is decided that landscape elements such as greenery and water features to be pinned down as the main features, therefore, influencing the arrangement of the building. We also reckon that the arrangement of the landscape features has to support the functions intended. As the place of interaction and relaxation conducive spaces are needed, It is required to have comfort in terms of noise, thermal and visuals. Which are influenced by the vehicle circulation on the main road and the location of the site based on the sun trajectory. This then influences the placement of the functions based on the needs to repel noise and the urge to minimize elongated surface facing east and west side of the site. Our approach then resulted in the formation of pocket spaces within the building, each feature required landscape features (buffering noises, shading the respective spaces, accommodating social space) making our design have a dialogue within its surrounding and between the building on the site.