Location / Bogor – Indonesia Year / 2018 Program / Cultural Center Size / +1,3 Ha Siteplan (+1100 Sqm GFA) Client / Pemprov Jabar Status / Completed MEP/ Alvasara Structure/ H.E.R.S.U.B

Designed as generator for creative people in Bogor, this creative hub aims as a collective space of activities that acts as an open platform for exchange, spontaneous, informal exercise & inspiring spaces. This building stands in 1.3 Ha land with 200 years old existing building built by Dutch colonial time, leaves an open space that can be utilized as casual and extension activity. This complex extends to larger neighborhood of Taman Hutan Raya Bogor of the Presidential Palace of Indonesia, making it very prominent yet carefully thoughtful in design language. The Creative hub is conceived as a single building, with porous accessibility from all directions, smoothly connecting all open space in the complex for open-air activities & extends to the park. The C form is organized by facing existing big trees & old buildings like it’s covering & filling out the edge of the complex. The programs inside (auditorium – classrooms – Gallery) occupy different geometries under a single curvy roof that reflects as a dominant expression of tropical design. All programs are surrounded by open terraces that enlarge the space as communal space and accessibility. The experience throughout the building takes visitors to repetitive columns, combining terraces within the inside-out area to the park. The sensation of covered open space continues through the terrace, providing an inclusive environment between education, leisure & outdoor performance. The building itself leaves room within the scheme, such as outdoor plaza to historical building, and to breed creativity through a social, informal space and dedicated programs.