Location / Bali - Indonesia Year / 2022 Program / Communal Park Size / +160000 SQM Client / PT. Aneka Bintang Gading Traffic Management / Ibnu Farhan Kathin Status / Schematic Design

A well-designed communal park is one that can accommodate various communal activities such as sports, gatherings, leisurely walks with pets, play, and even large-scale events. Such grand events further amplify the importance of public spaces, having the potential to draw both local and international tourists, thus acting as a catalyst for economic growth. Located on a spacious 16-hectare site, this flexible communal park is designed with the intention to serve as an everyday recreational space for the community while also hosting major concerts on occasions. The Benoa Forest Festival embodies three main concepts: vertical elements, nature interventions, and organic form. Vertical elements are strategically installed throughout the venue, their tall silhouettes peeking above the tree canopies to ignite curiosity and entice people to come partake in the park's allure. Pre-existing mangrove forest is seamlessly integrated into the site to appear as an intrinsic part of the park, leading people in by taking them on a journey through the meticulously crafted landscape design inspired by the organic shapes that manifest in mangrove forests. Every detail is thoughtfully shaped by the delicate and mesmerizing forms found in nature to concoct an immersive experience that mirrors the enveloping woodlands, creating the organic beauty that is the Benoa Forest Festival.