Location / Surabaya - Indonesia Year / 2017 Program / Residential & Commercial Size / +17,108 SQM Client / Bhakti Tamara Status / Construction Drawing MEP/ Alkonusa Teknik Inti Structure/ Seismotec Engineers

Located in West Surabaya as a part of Royal Residence development by Bhakti Tamara, A mix use project that consisted of apartment, office space and commercial, is a sandwiched building between existing residential complex (on the west side) and Main Boulevard of Outer West Ring Road Surabaya making this site prominent and stands out in the neighborhood. Considering the height of the building & also site plot orientation, it is important to minimize sunlight blockage onto the residential complex. This would later influence the studies of the building mass, resulting in a porous form that can be used as public spaces especially on the ground floor towards the main boulevard of the area. Unlike any typical mix-use typology where the private function (apartment) is placed on the higher levels while more public function (commercial) is on the lower levels, This Design proposed a shifted separation on those functions by shifting the commercial program outward, and allowing private function to be continued to the ground floor. This approach creates a separated cluster of apartment and commercial functions with an open space on the ground floor to accommodate the required public space between the main boulevard and the residential complex. This design delivers efficient use of both private and public programs that is able to accommodate varieties of public activity with its over 10% opening on the building and is respective towards the site’s existing permeability and functions.