About LAB

LAB stands for Local Architecture Bureau, an Architecture Office based in Bandung - Indonesia. LAB operates on wide-range projects from Medium to Large Scale with interest in Public, Commercial & Private sectors. Our philosophy is driven by Local thoughts that have been developed & articulated in experimental ways as a Laboratory/ Lab that will create new possibilities and typology based on functions and aesthetics. LAB covers a holistic process from think-tank process, idea development and research-based study to realisation. LAB is founded & led by 2 Partners; Tan Tik Lam & Gemawang Swaribathoro. The work of Tan Tik Lam has won several local & International awards, and is known as a leading architect in Indonesia who shaped tropical & modernity of Indonesian Architecture. Along with the young spirit of Gemawang Swaribathoro who's been shaped abroad through his experience, LAB currently consists of Experienced, Talented & Passionate team members since 2016. PT. Loka Asana Binangun (LAB) NIB;


Our partners ; Tan Tik Lam Tan Tik Lam is a self-practicing architect and a founder of Tan Tik Lam Architects in Indonesia. He graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University in 1995 and earned numerous local and international architectural awards from 2002-2009 that include the China Best Design Hotel in 2009 for the Kayumanis Project in Nanjing (CN), an Indonesian Institute of Architects Award, and was a nominator for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Since 2011, he has served on juries for architectural awards at the national scale and is a regular guest design critic at several universities. In late 2015, he founded LAB_Local Architecture Bureau which focuses on public and civic buildings. Gemawang Swaribathoro Before he founded LAB_Local Architecture Bureau together with Tan Tik Lam, Gemawang began his professional architectural career in Bandung (INA), Singapore, and at the Rem Koolhaas led Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in Rotterdam (NL) and Hong Kong. In 2013 he earned a Masters degree from ENSA Paris La Villette in France after previously earning a Bachelors degree in Indonesia (ITB) and Germany (FH Erfurt). Gemawang's most notable works have been featured in selected local and international media, such as the Cut&Paste exhibition in 2012 at MoMA New York. He is actively involved in Livable cities task force for Indonesian Diaspora Network in Netherlands/ IDN-NL & Indonesian Institute of architects in EU Chapter / IAI-EU. He is also a regularly invited guest lecturer and registered architect in Indonesia.

LAB People

LAB People (Past & Current team) ; Donald Aditya Epiphanius Sandy Wardhana Angga Meigandana Gilang Aji Sagara Ario Abraham Shadina Ayu Pramanik Adinda Wijaya Putri Zakaria Hadi Prayoga RBM Louay Safarilla Hafri Alfian Daren Lang Jason Albert halim Veronica Nathania Alfian Ramadhani Yusuf M. Faishal Rachmadini Melita T

Fakhrell Izzan Aditya Rizky Satrio Aji Nugroho Syifa Dwi Andini Randika Anandhika Putra Anastasia Widyaningsih Wicaksena Dwi Sutrisno Dhanista Dyaksa Wardono Khrisna Satriya Wibawa Devi Kava Ilham Apriyandi Zaky Muhammad Rifandi Febrianto Aldo Feandri Fachriza Alif Ajiantama Ludowikus Panduhadi Pangestu

Hendri Yana Sudarman Hauzan Irsyad Fauzi Setianingtyas Permatasari Sandy Putranto Yeriel Johan Tidar Albarkah Julia Dahlan Fikri Izza Morian Saspriatnadi Indra Dwi Nugraha Laras Primasari Fath Nadizti Rofianisa Nurdin Adrianna Stranc Christopher Rachmadi Tan